Tips on writing a great blog

I was sitting around the other day thinking to myself, "how do I make my great blog even better?" So I decided to scour other blogs on MSN Spaces to see if I could garner any top tips from bloggers of a similar calibre. Here's what I found!

1) Use excessively boring detail


Well today i got up at bout 9 ish so damn early, i just cud not get comfy in bed 4 sum reason!!!
So anyway, yeah i got up n ate n washed n dressed n did my hair n evryfin, all 4 work at 4, n then at half 3 they decided 2 ring n say i didnt need to go in today I was so annoyed! They shudv told me erlia so then i wudv stayed in my jim jams n not bother doin my hair or make up or nefin! What a total waste!! But iv got my wages anyway, which is gurrrd

I love how Jessika describes every nuance of her getting up routine here. From eating through washing and dressing to doing her hair, not a stone is left unturned in the quest to enlighten everyone about what she does in the morning. My curiousity is more than satisfied! I also found the part where she tells us about how she asked Lee to buy some bread from Tesco simply hilarious. LOL, Jessika!

2) Be yourself

Personally, I'm a mild-mannered 18 year old student. But if you are a rapper, as Adrian is, you should follow his example and not be afraid to mention it. Check out the list of his "homies"! I wish I were on it. Hey Adrian, big up the Worcester massive, ai!

3) Silence is golden

Alistair's blog sends a good message. Sometimes, your blog will be so overwhelming to your readers that they simply won't be physically capable of adding a comment. But Ali seems to have learnt that important lesson: never be dissauded by a complete lack of feedback. And whatever you do, don't go and comment on Alistair's blog: you might disrupt his serenity!

4) Never give up

Occupation: fukn skwl

I think Rhianna needs to stay at skwl a bit longer.

5) Nothing says "cool blog" like some Unicode characters


εз◊ღ♥нαииαн♥ღ◊εз ღ♥ღωяєχнαм fღ♥ღ 4єνєяαи∂ αиу ωяєχнαм нαтєяѕ αи fυк σff!

Why limit yourself to ASCII's meagre 255 characters when Unicode offers over 65000? That must have been what Hannah was thinking when she came up with her Space's title. The little heart symbols really sell it for me. And who doesn't find the threat that "any Wrexham haters can fuck off" even more sinister when it's written with Greek letters? I love Wrexham, for the record.

I think that's enough tips for today. I might add some more at a later date!

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  1. Alistair Wiseman - 19/3/2008 - 7:38am

    The reason why there is a complete lack of feedback is rather simple. The comments are turned off! However... this here post will now only have one comment on it... mine, yet it's remained open and available since the 11th of August 2005. Mild case of the pot trying to call the kettle black, and then finding out that the kettle is really a bus which drove off 5 days ago!

  2. The Natflap - 25/5/2008 - 11:03pm

    Nice try, Mr. so-called 'Wise Man', but in its original incarnation on MSN Spaces this blog had an incredible five comments, which is about INFINITY times more than yours has ever had, so there.!6FAA1555CA1168C1!228.entry#comment

  3. Alistair Wiseman - 2/7/2008 - 12:27pm

    It's not difficult to gain infinitely more comments when the person you're comparing to has, as stated before, comments turned off. Surely a smart cookie like yourself can work this out?

    And.. "so called Wise-man"?? How old are you that you still make fun of peoples surnames? If we're going to stoop to such levels I feel obliged to note that yours is only one letter away from Mattress, which is doubtless unfortunate for you because, were it to have been Mattress, there might have been at least a slightest slenderest chance that you might have been thrown on a bed by a dazed and confused woman and succeeded in satisfying her all night long. By providing her with a sleeping surface... lmao ;-)

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