Suggestions for Big Brother

I had a very long and engaging conversation with TV's own Dermot O'Leary (such a sweet man) today. I had plenty of ideas on how to make Big Brother more interesting.

"Not that it's boring at the moment, Dermot, you understand - "
"Just that, you know, I've made this list - "
"Tell you what, why don't you write it on the Internet or something and I'll have a look at it later."
"OK Dermot, that's a superb idea!"

So here we go Dermot; I hope you're reading this!

  1. Place a serial rapist in the house - the housemates will have hours of fun trying to guess who it is committing all the savage rapes, and the public will be enthralled to see who gets raped next!
  2. Unleash a tiger into the house - watching the housemates react will be hilarious! Hours of quality entertainment as the ones we love to hate are savagely mauled to death.
  3. Pump Sarin nerve gas into the house - as above, but with Sarin nerve gas.
  4. Single out and bully the housemates in ethnic minority groups - this will add a new type of tension to the house - racial tension!
  5. Put a diabetic in the house and, half way through the week, stop giving them their insulin - the other housemates will have great fun deciding how much sugar to let their diabetic friend have. A task could involve the housemates stuffing as much sugar as possible to win the diabetic a dialysis machine! And if they fail, they have to suffer the agony of watching the diabetic slip into a coma and die. Hilarious!

Well I hope you got all that, Dermot. Guaranteed hilarity and weeks more of interesting viewing for BB fans.

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