Only commies watch the BBC!

I'm not sure which category to file this post under. Sure, I'm going off on a bullshit political tangent which may well be defined as a "blog", but I'm also really annoyed so it might be a "rant" as well. I'll put it under "news" because that way, no-one wins.

I'm not going to be doing my whole kooky faux-ignorance thing here because I have a point to make and I want to make it without a bunch of idiots reading it and going "huh?". Now I've spent one and a half paragraphs building it up, what I have to say is probably going to be shockingly anti-climactic. I was perusing the BBC News website as I often do, and I stumbled across a "Have Your Say" debate on the accountability of the BBC. Pretty boring, you may think. And yeah, you're right, but if you want you can humour me and keep reading.

Virtually all the "highly recommended" comments on this debate pissed me off. As far as I'm concerned, the BBC is brilliant, yet it seems a lot of other Daily Telegraph subscription holders don't feel likewise. Here's some of the stuff they had to say.

…On balance the BBC should have its news function taken away and given to a truly independent organisation legally required to provide balanced coverage and not to present opinion as fact.

[VoiceofStratford], London

That's a good idea, VoiceOfStratford! What we need is an independent organisation which is legally required to be bipartisan. Perhaps it could be decreed in a royal charter. I wonder where we could get an organisation like that... oh, wait, we have one already. It's called the BBC. Fuck off.

The BBC is already accountable to it's audience - consisting of the politically correct, left wing do-gooders, and their Labour loving sycophants. The rest of us watch the other Channels.

Nigel MacDonald, Camborne

Congratulations are in order for Nigel, who watches the "other channels" yet still has the time to post on the forums of the channel he doesn't watch, amongst the herds of "Labour loving sycophants".

Left wing, ultra-liberal, pro-islamic, politically correct do-gooders. When are you going to call a spade a spade and give us some real, unbiased news coverage?

[1969zappa], Metz, France

Maybe when you move to Britain and start paying your licence fee, you ignorant French moron. Zing!

I don't normally approve of government interference but some action is needed to get BBC new reporters to provide objective news coverage. You see examples of the BBC's anti-American, anti-Bush, anti-Israel bias in all of it's news output. There is an example on this very web site where the Hammas are described as being "branded" by Israel as terrorists. That's like saying the SS were "branded" as Nazis by Poland in WW2.

Alan Trent, London, United Kingdom

Alan wins first prize for managing to prove Godwin's Law so elegantly. It's a completely moot point as well. With the Hamas example, let me make two points. Firstly: one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. It may be shocking to some, but plenty of people believe -- and get this -- that Israel is the cause of the terrorism for their merciless repression of the Arabs. Not the other way round. Secondly, the Nazi example is irrelevant because the SS did indeed belong to a larger organisation known as the Nazi party. Hamas do not belong to a conglomerate of terrorists. As such, history will judge whether they are terrorists or freedom fighters. It is neither for the BBC, nor Alan Trent from London, to judge.

That's about all I've got time and motivation for. As promised, this was a boring diversion from the usual comedy gold I post, brought to you by the number two, the letter H, and all the Tory twats who lurk on the BBC forums.

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  1. hel - 21/3/2006 - 1:33pm

    Agree totally. why do the far-right spend so much of their time on the BBC website if they hate it so much?
    Personally while i don't always agree with the beeb, i wouldn't want it to change cos it's one of the better news sources out there at the moment. I certainly wouldn't want that ITV news crap, it's the Daily Mail TV news for 5-year-olds!

  2. db - 21/3/2006 - 5:17pm

    Are you a tory twat? how about troy?

  3. hel - 23/3/2006 - 1:50pm

    i'm not a tory (although i can be a bit of a twat when drunk, lol), i'm more or less in the centre politically, but i try to listen to and understand other people's views.

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