Oh, University!

"Go to university; it's the best time of your life!"
"Well, I'm sold."

I love university. You know why I love it? There's always something to do. Whether it's worrying about my finances as I drink enough to make my liver cry big, biley tears, or sweating over work for idiot lecturers who only stay at university because they're unable to get jobs in the real world, I never find myself at a loss for activities to while away my time. Sometimes I confine myself to my 'room' and muse over the absurdities of the world. You may think that that would be intolerably boring, but luckily for me, my housemates are here to stop my life getting too monotone! But just how do they do it?

Trance Music

I love trance music! It's probably my favourite type of music in the world. Doosh, doosh, doosh, waaaah! Trance! That shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s, and I just can't get enough of it. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my trance albums and 50 watt neon speakers with me, so you can only imagine my joy when I found out that all of my housemates had bought theirs instead! Now I get trance whenever I want it, all day and all night. It's like a non-stop rave where you don't even need LSD. The only thing I can possibly think of that's better than trance is REALLY LOUD trance, at 3.30 in the morning, on a Tuesday. I've always wanted to party all night, and now I can, thanks to my housemates.

Random Theft

Going to the fridge is perhaps the most mundane of chores, but thankfully my housemates have found a way to make even this necessity fun and exciting! Imagine going to the fridge expecting to find, say, I don't know, your favourite Muller crunch corner yoghurt which you've been saving till last and looking forward to all day, only to find yourself pipped to the post by a canny food thief! It's great fun and you can never beat the anticitpation of opening the fridge and peeping in to see if some of your property has been taken without your permission.


I'm pretty sure I specified 'non-smoking' on my accomodation form. It's a good thing I love second hand smoke wafting through the corridors making my clothes stink and my eyes water, because my housemates are too cool to close their doors whilst they smoke. And that's just how I like it!

"Oh hi Pete I'm just going to barge into your room without knocking and talk shit for a few minutes before accusing you of being a miserable bastard and leaving without closing the door"

I don't know what I'd do if there wasn't someone to come and interrupt me with assinine, juvenile discourse at least three times a day, I really don't!

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you're having as much fun as me!

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