My A-Levels were too easy

Man, I got my results today. 2 A's and a B. Needless to say, I was dissapointed. I was reading in the Daily Mail the other day that A-levels have become so easy, a dyslexic Papuan circus performer could get straight A's without even turning up to the exam. That's how easy they are. Personally, I think that my B (in English Language) was only because I wrote one of my answers in Mandarin Chinese. How many times had I been told not to write my answers in Mandarin Chinese?! I kicked myself for that one when I got out of the exam room.

I wish I'd done A-levels years ago when they actually meant something. I think I should have been challenged more. Those 2 years of arduous study and massive personal investment simply mean jack shit to me because I read an education column in The Times where the author said he worked harder when he did his. Man that made me depressed. I started to cry, but I wiped the tears up with my results slip before using it to wipe my arse.

For what it's worth, I appreciate the honesty of commentators who idly speculate as to how much easier my exams were compared to theirs. I value their informed opinions which allow me to deride my own success even more. As for those namby-pamby liberal types who have the audacity to suggest that pass rates are up because teaching standards have improved, or students are more intelligent, I don't know WHERE they get off. Idiots.

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