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based on my previous research i decided to start righting my blog like all the pros on msn. that means lacklustre grammar and punctuation, abbv'd wrds and redikulous spellin errors, not to mention a completely garish colour scheme and random emotioncons coffee. its gonna be a rock n roll ride!!!!!heart

in this blog entry i will mainly be summarising what i did today. i hope you find it gr8 too read! its a good thing i know CSS so i can get silly cool text fx like this one, (YELLOW ON BLUE!) ill be king of the bloggers in no time.

last nite i went to kfc and saw MATT SMITH!!!! god i fucking LOVE HIM!!! heartheartheart he ordered a pepsi. personally i got the 2 piece colonel's meal. a good deal at 2.99!! i gave the man 3 pound coins and he gave me a penny change, lol. i made some intelligent obesrvations to my m8s but i cant remmeber them! LOL im so forgetful

then we went to jesss house and watched a well cool film! it had adam sandler, drew barrymore and sam off LOTR THE BEST FILM EVER I LOVE ELIJAH WOOD LOL WILL HE MARRY ME? I SURE HOPE SO the film was gr8, it was all about how a woman with severe memry problems can live an agonisingly awful life because her b/f is well selfish and wants kids and stuff lol

well that was my blog please cmment n stuff lol by the way i love you all!!!!!!!!!!! lol its me > nerd

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