I read in my favourite paper - the Daily Express - the other day that 99% of Britain's population (or 99% of the Daily Express's readership, which is actually the same thing and therefore represents an unblemished cross-section of British society) would approve of the DEATH sentence for those bastards who bombed London and probably committed other offences like leaving their bags unattended on the Tube and double parking. And to that I say: only 99%?! Who WOULDN'T want a complete change to the British justice system which has never even contemplated the death sentence for the past 40 years?

These terrorists seek to change our way of life. They want us to live like they do, in extremist countries with extremists regimes and extreme ironing. Therefore we must envoke the death penalty to martyr them as examples of WHAT WE WILL DO TO TERRORISTS WHO BOMB US. Public hangings like they have in Afghanistan will juxtapose nicely with Big Brother on the front page of the News of the World. Our message should be simple: if you bomb a group of innocent people, we'll send you off to Paradise and eternal salvation SO FAST it'll make your head spin. Off.

I also read that 50% of people don't believe the British Muslim community does enough to prevent terrorism. I agree! After all, the terrorist attacks were their fault in the first place, right? I think Muslims could do a whole lot more to stop their fellows committing atrocities. Pamphlet distribution would be a good place to start. I'll look into it.

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