C'mon Tim!

Tim HenmanWho are all these nay-sayers and willy wipers saying Tim Henman isn't going to win Wimbledon this year? Slander I say! Tim should sue them all for defamation of character. He can probably get his dad to do it for him.

The whole country loves Tim. Everyone shouts, "c'mon Tim!" and, "Tiger Tim!" whenever he plays. I love it when he beats barely-qualifying Eastern Europeans who've probably never even seen grass before; it gives me such a sense of national pride. It's so tense when he reaches the quarter or semi finals only to dramatically drop out and fall at the final hurdle. I bet he does it on purpose to keep us all guessing. You tease, Tim.

Wimbledon should be renamed Tim-bledon. Tim-Win-bledon. If Tim doesn't win this year, I'll sell my house.

Permalink || Posted 22/6/2005 by Pete


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