Adam Hart-Davis

Adam HDIs it me or is Adam Hart-Davis getting REALLY annoying? Like, totally well annoying. Whenever I see him all he wants to talk about is tax returns. "Alright Adam?" I'll say, and the reply will be, "you can fill in your self assessment online!" "Oh really?" I'll reply. "Yeah, I think you mentioned it once or twice..." Of course, I'm just being polite. He mentions it all the bloody time. I'm getting near the end of my tether. I have a fairly long tether, mind you, it's just that old Adam is making me reach into my RESERVE tether, and frankly that's not on.

"Tax doesn't have to be taxing," he says. He's so full of it. The very definition of tax is taxing. Taxidermy is also taxing, though I've never tried it myself. It sounds like it would be. Do taxidermists pay tax? Actually, why wouldn't they? It's a silly question. Taxidermy wouldn't be exempt from tax unless it made less than £3000 a year. Either that or the bloke (I'm not sure that many women are taxidermists, if there are can they email me as I'm feeling lonely and would appreciate the novelty) could do some kind of swindle. Taxi driving! That'd be taxing. Jesus Christ, what isn't? What if a taxidermist took a taxi ride, on the way to the tax office? Or a Latex fetish event? (tex is like tax, stay with me) Holy shit I'm confused. All these what ifs and whodunnits, I can't cope with them.

I bet the Inland Revenue do Adam's tax returns for him (either that or he does them online). Maybe he doesn't have to pay taxes at all. That'd take the piss. Practice what you preach, Adam, don't be a weeping Nancy or a proud Percy or whatever. I wonder what Adam's doing these days. I hope he's not up to his old tricks. Those kids weren't laughing. Actually, come to think of it, neither was he, but he was certainly enjoying himself. Sickening.

Texas is like tax. It's a sort of anagram, but not. Adam Hart-Davis is from Texas, and don't call me a liar, because he fucking told me himself, OK? I'm going to bed.

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