A shout-out to my mates at 'UniS Waste and Central Distribution'

I knew living at university was cushty, I really did. I've taken well to the screw everyone, do nothing, lounge in bed all day atmosphere of the place. I even recently discovered that my room's phone has a hands free function. No more picking up the handset like some kind of SQUARE for me.

However, last night, or yesterday morning if you're being a time prude (you know, the kind of idiot who takes the word 'tommorow' as being completely devoid of deixis when the conversation is after midnight), I was shown a new tier of luxury. That's right, folks, even though I didn't ask for it, I got my own personal 6.30am wake up call, all courtesy of the illustrious Waste and Central Distribution department. They did an impeccable job of it too, parking their van directly outside my open window, simultaneously crashing some loud sounding objects around and discussing Barry's missing mobile at the tops of their chirpy voices. Despite staying twenty whole minutes, my frail and fatigued body still went back to sleep. Imagine my joy, then, when they returned an hour later just to ensure I was completely awake! That's what I call professional.

This all-too-brief blog entry, then, goes out to my chums in the WCD Posse. I'm lucky I have friends in high places, because the usual drunken shouting I get at 3am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday simply isn't enough to keep me awake. Here's to you, Waste and Central Distribution. May you continue to collect waste and distribute centrally whilst still waking students up at the crack of dawn with your yobbish noise.

Here's an interesting P.S. The first time I wrote this blog, Internet Explorer crashed and erased it all. I'm not sure who to blame, but as this is a Microsoft-hosted blog using Microsoft ActiveX controls, and I was using Microsoft Internet Explorer at the time, running on Microsoft Windows, I'm pretty confident that Microsoft may not be beyond suspicion.

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